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There is a small picture over Rainbow Dash's bed. Looks like a human version of a scene from "suited for success". Best picture for comparison:
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safe1706521 screencap222225 rainbow dash233964 eqg summertime shorts3146 equestria girls200438 leaping off the page75 bedroom10361 book33490 boots22035 cactus587 calendar541 clothes459649 compression shorts1311 converse5665 cute199815 dashabetes9246 female1363161 medals47 music notes3292 picture frame823 scarf23255 shoes36733 skirt39766 trophy735


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You asume they behave EXACTLY like their Equestrian counterparts. The show has established many times that there are divergences in the personalities of ponies and humans.

Also, you asume they'd be able to keep it tidy up while she is still living with them? My room had always been a mess, regardless of what my parents wanted.

Shyabetes sufferer
but she have cloud as her room's wallpaper, so close enough ?

maybe, but I kinda doubt it because if EQG RD's parents personality is as what they looks like in MLP then they will put those trophies and medals on special place. also, they wouldn't let Rainbow Dash room messed up like this as they will tidy it up like this;

and as what we saw in Parental Glideance, RD got no privacy as that is the reason she live away from her parents. ;)