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Champions of Equestria

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The Equestrian Paladin, Equestria's Mightiest Heroes.

-Peter Parker/Spider-Mane
-Twilight Sparkle/Amethyst Sorceress
-Princess Luna/Lunar Goddess
-Sunset Shimmer/Solar Eclipse
-Steve Rogers/Captain Equestria
-Tony Stark/Iron Stallion
-Rainbow Dash
-Janet Van Dyne/Wasp
-Johnny Storm/Equine Torch
-Ben Grimm/The Thing
safe1727197 artist:edcom02337 artist:jmkplover283 pipsqueak2861 princess luna99918 rainbow dash236191 spike79493 sunset shimmer63860 twilight sparkle303118 alicorn228511 breezie2175 earth pony256684 hybrid19400 pegasus300073 pony987466 unicorn332398 wasp161 amethyst sorceress83 angry27654 armor24080 avengers358 beard3719 ben grimm13 bone spike projection12 cape10536 captain america346 captain equestria33 claws5153 clothes467251 confident804 costume28029 crossover62977 facial hair6034 fangs26063 fire11572 flight190 group3514 hammer1742 happy31717 hulkbuster4 hulkbuster armor4 human torch22 iron man454 janet van dyne40 logan33 marvel1461 mjölnir95 peter parker588 ponified41590 shield2183 smiling254330 spider-man1802 steve rogers34 superhero1681 the thing (marvel)27 thor339 tony stark123 war hammer292 wings111417 wolverine149


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