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Uploaded by Background Pony #AC48
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safe1752949 artist:yakovlev-vad511 nightmare moon17238 princess luna100855 alicorn233259 butterfly7301 fish2697 koi59 pony1012672 book34603 cup6505 duality4381 eye reflection683 female1403980 lidded eyes31859 looking down9312 mare503252 nightmare luna381 open mouth154876 pond891 prone26395 reading6436 reflection3310 scenery8246 scenery porn869 smiling261774 smirk13062 solo1095926 spread wings57207 teacup3004 water14277 waterfall1743 wings123565


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Background Pony #443A
@GaviaoKing So what does that make people who’s spent decades practicing anatomy, light, color, etc like myself who prefer to do more simplistic works? Less of an artist? Kind of dickish implications, don’t you think? ¬_¬ Also, I realize most of the known fandom is male, but not all of us are.
Background Pony #C814
Reminds me of Smeagol talking to Gollum.
Maybe Luna still has conversations with Nightmare Moon from time to time in this way, with any reflective surface.
Adventure Time played with this concept, too. B-MO and ‘Football’.