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[Silver is trying to fly like her mother, slipping through cloud hoops and perform Arial flips though the sky but overshoots it and hits a tree.]

Silver: …Ow [groans in pain]

Inkwell: My that was an impressive crash. [Silver flinches at the sudden voice. Looks down through the branches at Inkwell] I didn't think a Pegasus could miss their target by so much.

Silver: [grimace] S-shut up! It was a small mistake. I'll just try again! [Tries to unfold her wings but pain races through her.] Ouch! O-or just stay still a minute… That works too.

Inkwell: …You know, you'd do better if you would pay more attention to your path and movement.

Silver: Eh?

Inkwell: I've been watching you fly. You look to be concentrating but I doubt its on where you are. You need to focus of where you are and how to get to your next spot rather than just what to do next. It's probably why you keep crashing.

[Silver thought about it. Was that what she was doing. Sure she always thought ahead but surely that wasn't a bad thing, right? More importantly…]

Silver: How do you know all that? [Ink flinches a bit, looking away.] You're not a secret Pegasus, are you?

Inkwell: [stares at the ground, scowling.] N-no… I uh. I read it in a book after you left. I began to wonder if being a Pegasus and flying was something more difficult than I assumed. There are, in fact, unicorns who have trouble with magic despite being capable of it so I thought perhaps there were pegasi who just needed more practice at flying. So I read up on it.

Silver: Oh? You really think that's true, though? [Hope riming in her eyes.] I wanna fly with the best so all I have to do is work harder?

Inkwell: And pay more attention to your surroundings and movements.

Silver: Will you show me how?

Inkwell: Eh?

Silver: I bet your super good at stuff like that! You're smart and cool so you must know, right, Inky?

Inkwell: [blushes slightly] D-don't call me Inky… But fine, I will show you. But only because I need such knowledge for a later date.

Silver: Yes! Thank you, Inky! [Tears begin to poar out of her eyes.] I promise to help you too at that 'later date' or whatever.

Inkwell: Pft. As if I'd need your help then.

Silver: Still, I'll be there if you need me.

Inkwell: …I don't care. [Pulls of the book for flying] Now get into position. Celestia as my witness, you will fly like a proper Pegasus!


My second contest entry for vindhov's interaction contest. And another Inkwell and Silver pairing cause I really like them together. They will get on each other nerves but I feel like they could be good for one another since they both have self confidence issues. Also, this takes place a little after my previous entry.
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