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This is an original idea I had, even after seeing the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic season 7 episode, 'Discordant Harmony,' which I saw as one of two leaked episodes during the season hiatus. And I like to present this to you guys.

After having another great tea party at Discord's place, Fluttershy wanted to put a spin on his tea party, by combining it with something she loves. Having a tea party underwater. So, after gathering her tea set and snacks at her cottage, she went up to the lake by her home. Then Discord pops in. "Heard you wanted to have a tea party underwater, right?," said Discord, knowing one of Fluttershy's favorite things. "Oh yes," said Fluttershy, "But I wanted to mix it with your talents. You can make this tea party more fun then just having normal fish swim by." "Well," Discord said, "consider it done. And I know you don't need any magic to hold your breath since you are very good at it." "And neither do you," Fluttershy said back. Fluttershy's about to enter the lake when Discord replied, "let me handle this."

With a snap of his fingers, the two were teleported underwater in the lake. A table was already set with Fluttershy's tea set and snacks, as they all float in the water. With several snaps of his fingers, Discord made the fish of the lake into something they're not. Like a puffer-fish becomes a bubble gum fish, a catfish become a literal catfish, a trout becomes a dogfish, a goldfish is flipped upside-down, a shark becomes a mermaid, and a pony who was out diving becomes the Creature from the Black Lagoon. And once everything was ready, Discord and Fluttershy began their tea party. They discuss many things together, yet Fluttershy had bubbles emerge from her mouth every time she spoke while Discord had none emerge when he spoke. Yet both can understand what they are saying. The two float withing the lake and Discord manages to keep the party from floating to the surface, not letting one snack or drop of tea reach the top, as well as making the tea and snacks easy and delicious to eat and drink, despite them floating around from time to time. Then Fluttershy said, with bubbles coming from her mouth, "don't forget to change the fish back to normal. I don't know how scared they can be like this." "Oh they're fine," said Discord, with no bubbles coming from his mouth. "and I will change them back and they won't be frightened by what happened."

So, after spending some time under the lake, Fluttershy and Discord resurfaced with a snap of the dragon fingers. Fluttershy walks to the lake and dunks her head in to see if the fish are back to normal, and they are and not scared in the least. She then thanks Discord for the party. "It was a lovely and fun party we had together, "said Fluttershy. "Think nothing of it,"replied Discord, "I would like to return the favor for you." "Oh, you don't need to do that," said Fluttershy. But she began to think about the party. How does Discord manage to not have bubbles come from his mouth, she thought. Finally, she asked Discord, "Can you teach me how to not have bubbles come from your mouth when talking underwater?" "Sure thing," said Discord.

Originally drawn in pencil. Colors, filters, bubbles, mermaid, creature, bubble gum fish, tea, cheese and crackers, napkins, and edits done in Photoshop.
safe1690120 artist:sb1991271 discord30682 fluttershy210955 catfish28 fish2451 mermaid1960 pony951784 cheese753 crackers180 creature from the black lagoon20 cup6202 food69057 quality1309 story included8860 table9091 tablecloth128 tea3026 tea party575 teacup2874 teapot993 underwater5167


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Background Pony #DD82
Side note:

All Dldraconequuses can breathe in underwater and they also eat fish and other small sea animal.