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Browsing Derpi and I came across this comic (link below) and thought hey that’s a cute dress on Dagi, so I wanted to draw it.



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Having watched Yuri on Ice! a few times already just recently I suddenly want an ice skating equestria girls movie with the dazzlings coming back but instead woo the crowd based on skating instead of singing. Or maybe have the dazzlings find their calling in the world THROUGH skating and have it be a super cheery thing.

You have no idea how much i want this.
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I really love how Joe dials back the perversity for some of his art and refuses to put EQG in porn "just because," instead drawing beautiful and elegant images of them that would be suitable printed out and put on anyone's wall. The girls don't have to be naked and covered in… well, stuff, to be attractive.

Is it just me, or does she look…young?
Like…jailbait young?

Here's the thing: EQG characters are technically teenagers (or in Sunset's case a presumed adult in a teenager's body). I assume Joe considers them at least 18, but man we've been skirting this line for a bit.