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Rarity vs Colgate. High school conflict
safe1678890 artist:kruszyna2578 artist:x-blackpearl-x39 minuette5755 rarity179337 oc667321 oc:fire sky12 pegasus281293 pony941373 unicorn311924 antagonist1583 baddie2 braces1266 cheerleader2703 clothes449632 conflict27 exmarefriend1 female1338301 fight6055 glasses rarity123 grease44 green sweater17 high school147 male363389 mare467579 messy hair911 nerdity1 save25 smiling240925 stallion105121 sweater14228 younger17001


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Tagger of the Unknown
I have the headcanon that Rarity used to be massive nerd in high school who always loved cosplaying. Also her love for Prince Blueblood was partly because she never got a date in high school.

Also Applejack in contrast because of her natural beauty, charm, athleticism and motherly leadership was a fairly filly despite pretty awful fashion sense. Also AJ was the softball captain and a cheerleader.

Rarity both admired and hated AJ for being more well liked than she was back than despite AJ being uncouth.