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Beware, pony world. Sketchy Dupe has gained the powers of lamia! (And he might not be very good at it.) •W•

Sketchy Dupe woke up in the streets of Canterlot, early morning before anypony is awake. He was confused on how he got there and thought it’d be best to leave. Simce the Tasty Treat was nearby, he figured he’d visit Saffron Masala if she was awake. The second he moved, he immediately flopped to the ground. He was confused at first, but suddenly realizes that his hind hooves were no more and replacing them was a long snake-like tail that was red with blue spots. He also realized that his pants were ripped by the size of the tail, feeling embarrassed without his garments. It took him a long while to move properly, but Sketchy was able to slither about easily, kind of enjoying the smooth ride. He knocked on the restaurant’s door and sure enough, Saffron arrived to answer, almost freaking out by the stallion’s sudden scaly appearance. However, knowing that this is somewhat related to the hijinks Sketchy gets himself into, she calms down. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know what happened to the pony, leaving him confused on what to do. Saffron told him that the restaurant won’t be open for the day so she’s gonna clean up the place a bit and Sketchy decided to help out. However, seeing the lovely unicorn move around gave the lamia the urge to coil her up, squeeze her into comfort even. Saffron noticed easily and volunteered to be wrapped up in the smooth coils. She heard about lamias so she was prepared and knew about their soft coils and power of hypnosis, curious if that ability was transferred into Sketchy. He softly trapped her into some coiling loops, brushing against her orange coat and stroked her curly mane. The chef pony enjoyed the gentle touch, hoping that the stallion could change into this form at will in hopes of some scaly cuddling. Sketchy squinted his eyes, trying to start the spiraling rings and eventually, his eyes were glowing, revealing the colorful rings to the unicorn. She smiled softly, accepting the rings that began to consume her thoughts as her mind was being put at ease. Saffron was completely coils up from hooves to the neck and was given a luxuriant massage. She slowly fell asleep as she leaned her head against the top of the coil cocoon, blissfully thinking of it like a pillow. Sketchy blushed seeing the beautiful cook being so welcoming to his snake form, happily asleep safe and sound. She wasn’t going to remain there forever, of course, as Sketchy had to find a way if he can return back into his normal form. But for now, he was fine with how he was right now, giving Saffron a blissful sleep.

Made Sketchy's spirals periwinkle just because and yellow because it seemed to fit with periwinkle. Not sure why.

Criticism/requests welcome
Saffron Masala-Hasbro
Sketchy Dupe OC-SnakeyThingy
safe1687972 artist:snakeythingy329 saffron masala1615 oc673050 oc:sketchy dupe51 lamia2040 original species24800 snake pony629 blushing194458 canon x oc24607 coils1106 dupala19 gradient background12364 kaa eyes459 looking at each other19686 massage1075 mind control3280 sketchffron23 story included8830


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