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suggestive141095 artist:duop-qoub515 twilight sparkle298659 oc675091 oc:anon11630 human153170 pony953103 descended twilight171 :p8713 bedroom eyes58697 chest fluff38285 dialogue64601 ear fluff28871 female1349276 femdom8018 floppy ears51549 glare8217 glowing horn19303 gray background7025 human male6647 licking19958 male367687 mare473638 simple background388305 smiling243980 smirk12322 sweat25951 tongue out102403 twidom1108


not provided yet


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Background Pony #E4A2
not into eqg, so no sunset, and i'm not a particular fan of starlight. she's growing on me, but not a favorite.
Background Pony #C11D
Really love this style you're trying out
Also we need more dom Twilight
So much more