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suggestive148659 artist:duop-qoub518 twilight sparkle306684 oc714013 oc:anon11937 human159348 pony1015352 descended twilight182 :p9523 bedroom eyes61559 chest fluff41437 dialogue68241 ear fluff31450 female1406112 femdom8383 floppy ears54784 glare8306 glowing horn20644 gray background7720 human male6804 licking20913 male389544 mare504360 simple background410634 smiling262596 smirk13090 sweat27766 tongue out108675 twidom1130


not provided yet


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Background Pony #E4A2
not into eqg, so no sunset, and i’m not a particular fan of starlight. she’s growing on me, but not a favorite.
Background Pony #C11D
Really love this style you’re trying out  
Also we need more dom Twilight  
So much more