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suggestive143278 artist:duop-qoub516 twilight sparkle300677 oc686317 oc:anon11710 human154896 pony970319 descended twilight172 :p8939 bedroom eyes59490 chest fluff39246 dialogue65664 ear fluff29664 female1365687 femdom8146 floppy ears52431 glare8238 glowing horn19706 gray background7216 human male6687 licking20234 male373664 mare482005 simple background394397 smiling249296 smirk12508 sweat26432 tongue out104221 twidom1118


not provided yet


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Background Pony #E4A2
not into eqg, so no sunset, and i'm not a particular fan of starlight. she's growing on me, but not a favorite.
Background Pony #C11D
Really love this style you're trying out
Also we need more dom Twilight
So much more