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safe1689605 edit130490 screencap220098 starlight glimmer48151 sunset shimmer62285 unicorn316114 equestria girls197983 mirror magic2504 spoiler:eqg specials5249 animated97710 book33096 close-up5987 cute197347 discovery family logo11657 excited2967 eye shimmer1211 faic12253 female1347546 frown22593 gif30491 glimmerbetes3795 glimmie35 grin37645 heart eyes16042 library3199 looking at each other19746 loop5202 portal1883 saddle bag5778 scrunchy face7036 slow motion200 smiling243525 stare1357 starry eyes3273 surprised9130 table9084 twilight's castle3815 wide eyes16909 wingding eyes21874


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Is not drunk as a skunk
lol I like how she's a bit more upfront, and tactless then Sunset. They might make a good comedy team with Sunset being the more deadpan one.

I still wanna see that short. When's it out?