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I know there’s a take on teenage Flurry Heart where she’s a punk that’s fed up with her royalty parents and is rebellious and all that, but for real tho, her dad is a huge freaking nerd, her aunt Twilight is a huge freaking nerd, she’s probably partially raised by Sunburst who is a huge freaking nerd

She might probably be a huge freaking nerd
safe1691465 artist:jargon scott2329 princess flurry heart7178 alicorn221660 pony953175 adorkable3526 blushing195068 cute197659 dork3795 female1349367 flurry the shipper15 flurrybetes947 glasses61022 grin37748 hoof hold8235 like mother like daughter366 like parent like child467 mare473678 monochrome148720 nerd951 nerdy heart67 older26317 shipper on deck1440 simple background388336 smiling243994 solo1053940 spread wings53871 teenage flurry heart78 teenager4568 white background96395 wingboner8160 wings104275


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