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explicit393559 alternate version61132 artist:evehly818 princess celestia101537 alicorn257211 pony1228026 anus110354 bedroom eyes67885 butt143560 chest fluff48702 dock57641 female1519508 hand10035 human vagina on pony5351 legs in air4332 looking at you199800 magic81676 magic hands1051 magical stimulation1667 masturbation20637 nudity424390 plot100263 ponut50883 praise the sun2181 smiling303343 solo1197638 solo female197503 spread legs22741 spreading22871 sunbutt4660 tongue out120027 underhoof58391 vulva148343


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Felix Salten

I too thought that the magical aura was her musk wafting from her crotch. :P
But mmmmmm, to be able to smell Celestia’s sweet vaginal musk…that would be something.

Here for the PLOT
It is possible evehly intentionally made the magic hand all ghostly like as a homage to the original work or am i just pointing out the obvious
Background Pony #F711
Thought they were fumes as well, until I looked at her horn, then worked out the shape.  
Still, royal horse pussy.
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

*Blocks Your Path*
Next time consider giving the hand a more defined outline, it really took me a second to realize what it really was.  
I thought it was fumes wafting off it lol.