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safe1807507 artist:badumsquish2073 derpibooru exclusive30627 flash sentry13531 queen chrysalis36294 rarity190191 sonata dusk14210 sunset shimmer66836 trixie70371 twilight sparkle313081 oc746630 oc:kalianne107 oc:theme36 oc:tremble69 changeling52113 changeling queen18814 cow3592 cow pony472 goo pony1957 lamia2262 original species27835 pony1146290 siren2274 slime girl87 equestria girls215167 cowified680 cute213436 derpibooru ponified832 duo81976 equestria girls-ified10656 eyes closed103709 female1452828 first order12 fn-219933 food76614 frown24875 grin44176 happy33577 head on lap91 horns6963 illusion168 ketchup303 male406779 meta16964 mustard153 offscreen character37742 ponified animal photo688 pov15166 raribetes5866 raricow771 sauce449 sleeping24566 smiling279953 species swap21446 spoilers for another series996 star wars3321 star wars: the force awakens170 stormtrooper168 sunny bunny5 text64946 tr-8r33 true form259 twitter3329 vulgar21808


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Yeah, I know a guy who grew up on a farm who swears by the fact that cows and chickens are a heck of a lot smarter and more affectionate than they get credit for.
I wouldn’t say “humanized”. She goes to that school where this gal attends.
I squeed like a little girl when I found that picture.
Yep. I tagged all the characters down there as appropriately as I could.
@Parallel Black 
It’s mandatory man :P
Nah, it’s her Equestria Girls counterpart. Like my version of Equestria, my version of Equestria Girls is also riddled with monster boys and girls.
@Lost Marbles 
Same guy who I mentioned before described it like he was raised with the mentality that “a cow can be a pet, but cows are still food”. He’s originally from Quebec and they even eat horses there. He’s insisted time and time again that horse is the most delicious meat you’ll ever eat in your life.
Raricow is the cutest thing ever.
@Background Pony #5D34 
The redhead in the icons down at the bottom is one.
Background Pony #5295
I do not understand why the “lamia” tag is added. Perhaps I am missing something?