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@Cirrus Light
Tumblr filenames use some kind of numeration with letters. For example, the first pic of 2014 with a Tumblr source was >>511529, and the original filename was tumblr_ myntyj1W5a1srdqwko1 _1280.png. The first pic of February 2014 was >>539937, tumblr_ n08vjsnaDP1r66jpfo1 _1280.png. And for the record, the most recent pic is >>1489036, and its original filename was tumblr_ orpl9bd68F1uuvdnio1 _1280.png. Alphabetically, myn… < n01… < n08… < orp…, so this pic was posted to Tumblr in January 2014.

I know it's not a great clue, but it's literally the only thing I could figure out from the pic, so I thought that it was worth mentioning.
Background Pony #35C8
Found on /mlp/. According to the reverse search it wasn't here, and I can't find the source with Google Images either. Judging by the original filename (tumblr_n0ldd53R7m1qa7q25o5_r1_1280.png), it's probably from early 2014.