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safe1704129 artist:techgear62 edit132259 spike78705 starlight glimmer48583 sunset shimmer62915 trixie67404 dragon56167 pony965406 unicorn322261 bean bag chair72 bisexual5505 counterparts875 cute199446 female1360959 lesbian96849 male371919 mare479448 polyamory6748 shipping199989 sleeping23401 sparlight603 sparlixie30 spike gets all the mares761 spixie248 straight136197 sunsetspike148 sunsparlight14 sunsparlixie7 twilight's counterparts895


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Background Pony #A482
No, no. It should be 'Spike gets all the villains' or antagonists could also work. Though they are all reformed (-ish).