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Well, originally this wasn't going to have shadows but I decided to experiment a bit, I liked what I got but I had to justify it because it's only in the hair, so I added a bit of magic and I think it looks nice!

safe1726377 artist:aureai132 oc697280 oc only455836 oc:cyan lightning207 oc:green lightning18 pegasus299725 pony986642 unicorn332036 .svg available8397 colt15159 cyan lightning riding green lightning2 duo62808 ear fluff30319 eyes closed95545 female1380743 flower26155 flower in hair7885 folded wings6220 freckles29477 happy31691 laughing8141 magic74252 male379861 mare490602 mother and son3036 open mouth149779 ponies riding ponies2475 pony hat425 prone25916 raised hoof47463 riding7550 simple background400805 smiling254146 transparent background205336 vector77290


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