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I like this character; 10/10, would mom again
explicit318934 alternate version35794 artist:thebatfang201 shining armor21711 twilight velvet3864 unicorn274182 anthro233856 aftersex8498 and that's how twilight sparkle was made69 anus87599 bed36969 breasts245839 busty twilight velvet702 clitoris24260 clothes415024 creampie27077 cum72511 cum string781 dripping cum2710 ear fluff24233 female1213975 female focus5888 gilf473 good boy201 heart43618 horsecock60884 implied impregnation345 implied incest1500 implied infidelity320 implied shining armor304 incest12389 infidelity5498 infidelity armor864 legs in air3485 looking up14255 male329750 mare427277 milf8436 mother and son2627 nipples146820 nudity334785 offscreen character30205 on back22489 on bed2620 overflowing cum37 penis138231 shiningvelvet353 shipping184628 smiling218350 solo focus15334 speech3025 spread pussy3264 stockings28992 straight122400 thigh highs29126 urethra2356 vagina45846 vulva113930


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This confuses me… it thought i typed grimdark in the tags when i didn't, and now i can't see it but the tag changes page says no one's touched the tags after me…