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I like this character; 10/10, would mom again
explicit349837 alternate version45258 artist:thebatfang207 shining armor23122 twilight velvet4309 unicorn322227 anthro259739 aftersex9383 and that's how twilight sparkle was made74 anus96658 bed40851 breasts277178 busty twilight velvet794 clitoris27200 clothes458764 creampie30568 cum79128 cum string917 dripping cum3209 ear fluff29468 female1360851 female focus6367 gilf522 good boy239 heart48284 horsecock68368 implied impregnation397 implied incest1637 implied infidelity359 implied shining armor344 incest13602 infidelity6624 infidelity armor1548 legs in air3873 looking up16424 male371899 mare479409 milf9585 mother and son3012 nipples166846 nudity369357 offscreen character34060 on back24347 on bed3457 overflowing cum56 penis153157 shiningvelvet390 shipping199980 smiling247622 solo focus16890 speech3149 spread pussy3702 stockings32688 straight136193 thigh highs36233 urethra2453 vagina48901 vulva127464


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This confuses me… it thought i typed grimdark in the tags when i didn't, and now i can't see it but the tag changes page says no one's touched the tags after me…