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Original sketch by Bri-sta
safe (1502699) artist:bri-sta (499) artist:longren (47) color edit (6631) edit (108131) derpy hooves (47025) pegasus (213223) pony (779889) cheek fluff (3722) colored (16435) cute (163195) derpabetes (1865) eating (8115) female (826995) food (56050) heart (40516) hoof hold (6607) mare (375561) muffin (5973) nom (2737) simple background (316556) solo (925719) spread wings (44306) that pony sure does love muffins (399) transparent background (165016) wings (61481)


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16 comments posted
Background Pony #C26D
All pastries mourned the day the Muffin King fell to the Great Devourer…