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This is the best thing I've ever seen.
suggestive132445 octavia melody22913 pinkie pie207271 rainbow dash223849 shining armor22058 spike75676 sweetie belle47251 trixie63935 twilight sparkle288029 dragon50775 pony881302 unicorn284440 /mlp/9267 4chan6629 4chan screencap2588 bomb ass tea29 boom de yada1 female1284396 iwtcird924 love4575 love and tolerance45 love and tolerate58 mare438724 meme79563 parody15333 singing5962 song939 thread848 vulgar19631 waifu1249


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Background Pony #D605
…After all those complaints about obvious, predictable, and/or "cringey" humor in MLP:FiM, this is what /mlp/ finds hilarious?

So, what, is /mlp/ like an internet version of opposite land?

Though, admittedly, that "bomb-ass tea" pic is pretty much always going to be funny.