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explicit354544 artist:baramx76 daring do6451 pegasus298366 pony983790 bondage34120 clothes465776 dildo14123 female1378070 handstand306 insertion18094 legs in air3932 light bondage98 magic74084 magic aura4352 mare489232 nudity374702 partial nudity20800 rope11584 sex toy25720 solo1075663 solo female181079 spread legs19411 spread wings55545 spreading19276 tail holder482 tied up5916 trap (device)300 underhoof52717 upside down5625 vaginal insertion6538 vaginal secretions40225 vulva129604 wingboner8299 wings110666


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So simple yet so erotic. Seems perfect for an erotic adventure story.

Though her wings are free, so why doesn't she just fly and hover?

Also would love to know who's doing the magic. Also also is this a trap or did someone capture her?
Background Pony #74F4
Probably not. I just like to come up with needlessly kinky scenes for Daring Do books that don't exist.

At any rate, this pic is a piece of beauty.
Background Pony #74F4
Remember that one time in the books when Daring Do got mind controlled by that cult to perform the Summoning Ritual of the Thousand Seeds? Man, those were good times.