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(This is how Trixie get her cutiemark and when she first met Starlight XDD I'm kidding )
BASE BY: Alexa1Alexa
I Hope You Like It! <3
safe1556122 artist:alexa1alexa48 artist:queenzodiac5 starlight glimmer43013 trixie61182 pony827325 unicorn257887 :<949 base used14940 bipedal30044 bunny ears3194 clothes401395 colored pupils8421 confused4060 cute173391 cutie mark39594 diatrixes2699 duo47963 female880403 filly58420 filly starlight glimmer438 filly trixie202 glimmerbetes3301 glowing horn16188 happy27107 hat74684 magic64560 open mouth120496 question mark3993 raised eyebrow6102 simple background338085 smiling210028 starry eyes2768 time paradox369 transparent background176231 trixie's hat4008 wingding eyes18796 younger15471


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Background Pony #BD97
It was a cool trick at the time, but it took her plenty of magic practice afterwards before she could undo the bunny ears.