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Citrus Blush: “I can’t believe it, we are finally start to our vacation into the mountains!”
Here a picture of 6 Canterlot Unicorn Girls while they start into a winter vacation. The girls seems really happy about it. The base for the vector was a screencap of the Mane 6 from “Dungeons & Discords”. The background is selfmade and bases on a screenshot of the Canterlot train station from “Hearth’s Warming Eve”. The clothes for the 6 Unciorns are inspired by the winter attire which mane 6 wears in “Tank for the Memories” and “Dungeons & Discords”.
safe1755537 artist:ironm17453 cayenne337 citrus blush195 moonlight raven453 pretzel twist68 sunshine smiles266 sweet biscuit411 pony1015505 absurd resolution67071 backpack2059 beanie3845 boots23023 canterlot5877 clothes477484 earmuffs1213 eyes closed98617 female1406266 group3575 happy32277 hat90727 jacket13210 mare504443 scarf23917 shoes38926 short-sleeved jacket13 smiling262637 snow14153 snowfall4514 snowflake764 sweater14958 train station450 winter4508 winter outfit1565


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