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Size: 800x800 | Tagged: artist:fantasyglow, artist:posexe, cute, dialogue, eyes closed, fangs, happy, king sombra, male, m. c. escher, modern art, open mouth, optical illusion, penrose stairs, pony, raised hoof, safe, simple background, smiling, solo, sombradorable, stairs, stallion, that pony sure does love stairs, unicorn, white background
Size: 1200x1000 | Tagged: 1000 hours in ms paint, artist:fantasyglow, c:, cute, edit, king sombra, meme, ms paint, safe, smiling, sombradorable, stairs, stick figure, that pony sure does love stairs
Size: 1280x713 | Tagged: army, artist:inside-our-mind, be prepared, changeling, chrysombra, female, king sombra, male, marching, parody, queen chrysalis, safe, shipping, straight, the crystal empire, the lion king, watermark
Size: 937x4240 | Tagged: applejack, armor, babylon 5, crystal empire, crystal guard armor, crystal heart, dark magic, fluttershy, king sombra, magic, parody, pinkie pie, pinkie spy, princess celestia, quote, rainbow dash, rarity, safe, screencap, screencap comic, shining armor, snow goggles, spike, the crystal empire, twilight sparkle
Size: 485x328 | Tagged: crossover, francis, king sombra, left 4 dead, safe, stairs, the crystal empire
Size: 1280x720 | Tagged: animated, arch, bad end, banner, breakdown, canterlot castle, carpet, castle, close-up, confusion, crying, crystal, crystal heart, dark crystal, dark magic, disembodied voice, door, dragon, eyes closed, fadeout, failure, fangs, fire, flower, grid, king sombra, magic, nightmare, pain, paper, pillar, princess celestia, roar, safe, screencap, shine, silhouette, slit eyes, sound, sphere, spike, stained glass, stairs, stars, surprised, symbolism, the bad guy wins, the crystal empire, twilight sparkle, webm, zoom
Size: 1000x1000 | Tagged: artist:fantasyglow, crossover, i'm so alone, lonely spoon, melon, meme, minecraft, parody, safe, silver spoon, tumblr, watermelon
Size: 331x759 | Tagged: artist:lockheart, artist:pikapetey, chancellor neighsay, classical hippogriff, crossing the memes, edit, edited screencap, female, hippogriff, king sombra, male, meme, ponies the anthology v, pony, safe, school daze, screencap, silverstream, speciesism, stairs, stallion, that hippogriff sure does love stairs, that pony sure does love stairs, unicorn
Size: 1280x720 | Tagged: image macro, internal monologue, king sombra, meme, robot chicken, safe, solo, star wars, the crystal empire, umbrum, vulgar
Size: 990x720 | Tagged: caption, crystal empire, edit, edited screencap, ermahgerd, image macro, meme, safe, screencap, solo, stairs, the crystal empire, twilight sparkle
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