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semi-grimdark29014 artist:2snacks319 princess cadance31916 princess celestia93001 princess luna97214 pony920223 animated96028 bad end2070 blood23657 box4492 box of nails2 chibi13869 cute192129 food66993 gore4279 gradient background11846 grimcute364 grimderp263 injured3261 marshmallow1303 mood whiplash132 nails347 oh shit125 patlestia25 pony in a box941 sliding ponies128 sound8146 two best friends play113 vulgar20125 webm12189


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Background Pony #82DB
for some unknow reason, this kinda reminds me of happy tree friends.

Because it is simultaneously adorable and gruesome as fuck.
Background Pony #FBE1
Oh Tia, you're an immortal alicorn princess. Walk it off and don't be such a foal.