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Will update this list with the names later when I get the chance, but there's an issue between the new Mercury (the messenger pony next to Octavia, fan name of Quicksilver or Cinnabar), which is a fan name of Starry Eyes.

These names were all provided by MLPMerch, so the actual trademarked name which appears on their card may be different.
safe (1523375) apple fritter (700) big macintosh (26330) cherry berry (1805) cherry cola (390) cherry fizzy (452) cherry jubilee (994) cinnabar (79) concerto (63) derpy hooves (47366) dj pon-3 (27612) filthy rich (1055) fire streak (219) fluffy clouds (62) golden glitter (18) golden hooves (79) justah bill (16) lady justice (65) lilac luster (13) octavia melody (21814) quicksilver (79) rainbow dash (213862) rook ramparts (25) sapphire joy (356) starlight glimmer (41373) suri polomare (1098) swift justice (64) symphony (157) tall order (22) thunderlane (3712) vinyl scratch (31707) crystal pony (4045) earth pony (179682) pegasus (221697) pony (798193) unicorn (243384) apple family member (2449) blind bag (1373) clothes (387945) comparison (3866) mlpmerch (14) toy (20378) uniform (8573) violin (450) wall of tags (2132) wonderbolts (3304) wonderbolts uniform (5215)


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Background Pony #B4C1
I liked Dash's old model better. The old pose was nicer, and the old mane, even though it had the wrong colors, looked much more accurate. And I can't believe that her cutie mark is still backwards.