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suggestive141128 artist:pia-sama1677 applejack168651 earth pony243142 anthro256968 plantigrade anthro32039 :34464 abs10973 adorasexy9613 applejacked1194 barefoot27199 bell4384 bell collar2260 belly button76688 big breasts80751 boob window1206 bra15693 breasts274162 busty applejack10343 cat bell486 cat keyhole bra set425 cat lingerie672 cat tail486 choker11768 cleavage34221 clothes454126 collar32644 crop top bra1003 curvy6556 cute197624 feet39261 female1349238 freckles28343 frilly underwear4450 jackabetes5883 lingerie10397 looking at you165888 mare473513 muscles12085 panties49737 red underwear1361 sexy28957 side knot underwear610 smiling243992 solo1053903 solo female178176 stupid sexy applejack668 underwear60203 wide hips16805


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She's built like a brick house and is trying to pose like a "soft a cuddly cat".

You would be unsure too if it would work as well if you "mewling little kitten" was more of a "roaring lioness".