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It’s her new Wonderbolt nickname
suggestive170108 artist:graphenescloset739 rainbow dash257134 pegasus394775 pony1295140 adorafatty374 backwards cutie mark4139 bed49199 butt170962 fat25641 female1578747 huge butt12896 implied weight gain195 impossibly large butt8635 impossibly wide hips2565 large butt24647 looking back72339 need to go on a diet94 need to lose weight99 obese13441 plot111161 rainbutt dash4985 simple background490187 solo1245517 solo female204281 text74445 the ass was fat18054 thunder thighs11951 tubby wubby pony waifu217 underhoof60875 weight gain5081 wide hips23695


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