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It’s her new Wonderbolt nickname
suggestive175320 artist:graphenescloset759 rainbow dash261580 pegasus416383 pony1347193 adorafatty384 backwards cutie mark4224 bed51051 butt192861 fat26524 female1624677 huge butt13925 implied weight gain206 impossibly large butt9091 impossibly wide hips2663 large butt26829 looking back75474 need to go on a diet95 need to lose weight99 obese13980 plot120021 rainbutt dash5441 simple background511997 solo1287070 solo female210257 text77611 the ass was fat18964 thunder thighs13235 tubby wubby pony waifu233 underhoof62424 weight gain5268 wide hips25299


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