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safe1708802 artist:captainpudgemuffin668 rainbow dash234197 rarity182067 unicorn324401 anthro260656 plantigrade anthro32749 :o3761 anklet922 backless665 blushing198023 boop7408 breasts278195 cafe548 cake9807 captainpudgemuffin is trying to murder us57 chair6828 clothes460455 commission68648 crossed legs3209 cup6314 cute200163 dashabetes9265 delicious flat chest5204 dress44620 eye contact6501 female1365289 flats392 flirting1474 food70253 foodplay1689 frosting748 grin38640 hair bun3351 hat87020 lesbian97121 lidded eyes30780 looking at each other20287 mare481805 midriff19348 off shoulder1297 open mouth146323 ponytail17937 rainbow flat1125 raribetes5411 raridash1916 sandals4280 shipping200519 short dress159 shorts14008 sitting63387 smiling249154 smirk12504 sun hat948 sundress273 surprised9295 sweet dreams fuel1600 table9238 teacup2917 wall of tags3085 wide eyes17068 wingless anthro2184


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Door Belle
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Black Ink
I'm so glad I randomly happened to look over Pudgey's stuff again.

I can't not say how much I love the little details. That leg-jiggling due to the way Rainbow has her feet resting is one of those small-but-great things.
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It's so nice to see a picture at the top of the rankings because of how cute and oustandingly well done it is, and not just because of some kinky porn. (Not that i have anything against it, but this is very refreshing!)

This is just impressive!
Background Pony #D64C
Freaking love this entire piece.

Although as a frenchman I wonder what's the name of that cafe now. The second word is obviously parisien but I can't figure the first :P.
Background Pony #4AD2
gasp Can it be? One of my secret favorite (far too unappreciated) ships?

Perhaps this will be a good day after all.
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I figure Dashie can sprout them on demand when she wants to fly or wing cuddle, and hide them away when she wants some sun on her back.