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I scanned through a few more of the files and pictures, but all the remaining diagrams were either detailed blue-prints of rocket engines, some sort of arcane reactor, or plans for a submarine. Well, I suppose that could be useful, but I don’t see Cerberus really using a plain old missile sub, and there weren’t any at the sub pen when we last left, either… Scouring furrowed his brow, leaning in to get a better look at some of the files. “Hang on, somethin’s not adding up ‘ere…” He said, pushing me aside slightly to sit in front of the terminal and start working away at the keyboard. I leaned over his shoulder, trying to see what he was looking at, lines of code running past. “Hrm, look, each file’s about 40 kilobytes, an’ there’s only 8 of them in this folder. But if I check the memory…” He punched a few keys into the terminal, few incomprehensible lines of code appearing before a number flashed up on the screen. “Almost 350 kilos are in there. There’s got to be some files hidden in this thing…” He began to type out long strings into the computer, occasionally pausing as the terminal attempted to run his programs.
After a few moments of the fan whirring and code writing and erasing itself from the screen, a few more files began appearing below the others. Scouring selected the first one, the screen slowly beginning to load up the image. Like the other images in the list, it was a set of blueprints for some sort of device, however this one appeared to be much, much larger in size. The blueprints also appeared to be only one section of whatever the device was, showing an absolute mess of wires and cables, along with several motors, servos, and other various mechanisms for movement integrated to each portion. They came together to form some sort of… tail? If you could really call it that. If it was a tail, it was for something that looked to be even larger than the robo-dragons were.


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