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Love Triangle
suggestive148261 artist:moronsonofboron653 princess cadance33129 queen chrysalis35437 shining armor23636 human158823 bedroom eyes61322 big breasts85898 bisexual5679 braces1343 breasts288424 busty princess cadance3259 busty queen chrysalis3795 chrysarmordance177 cleavage35610 clothes475429 cute205548 cutealis2172 cutedance1287 dork3863 dorkalis176 ear piercing27746 earring22131 female1400775 glasses64475 heart49980 huge breasts39946 humanized101849 implied bisexual191 implied cadalis10 implied chrysarmordance21 implied shipping5189 impossibly large breasts17344 jewelry68033 lesbian99214 letter3109 looking at you175465 looking back59999 looking up17121 love letter307 love triangle403 male387600 nerd971 piercing43045 polyamory6890 shining adorable578 shining chrysalis444 shiningcadance2744 shipping205527 smiling260493 straight140231 sweater14904 sweater puppies145 wide hips18249 younger17752


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Background Pony #C5C9
Someone write a fanfic about this! Sweet, lonely Chrysalis being invited into a relationship with the boy she likes and his girlfriend that she's secretly gay/bi for.
Cool Crow - "Caw!" An awesome tagger
Magnificent Metadata Maniac - #1 Assistant

I really, really, really want this to end in a bisexual polyamorous relationship just so no-one ends up heartbroken (lil' nerdy Chrysalis deserves happiness). Also, three-way sexytimes I guess.
Background Pony #A3EC
It's a tragic tale for the ages! The tale of a young man, trapped between two young women and their love for him. A love that is almost as big and splendid as their enormous bosoms.

Thrill! As their story unfolds.
Cry! As jealousy and heartbreak take hold.
Try not to drool! As magnificent sweater stretchers fill the screen.

In MSOB's new classic:

Coming soon to a theater near you!