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Alternative version where the picture is framed with a story in the description can be found here
safe1704078 artist:chezamoon1813 apple bloom49429 applejack169692 big macintosh28230 bright mac1295 pear butter2838 earth pony247860 pony965356 the perfect pear1420 baby10437 baby apple bloom130 baby pony6592 brightbutter783 colt14889 colt big macintosh118 family4414 family photo345 female1360887 filly66486 filly applejack579 foal15416 heart eyes16404 male371904 mare479429 shipping199988 stallion108496 straight136196 wingding eyes22229 younger17359


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Background Pony #79D1
"How could we have known…that this would be the last time we'd ever see our parents again"