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safe1783803 artist:pony-berserker943 applejack175651 fluttershy220311 pinkie pie222935 princess celestia97777 rainbow dash241574 rarity188255 twilight sparkle310086 alicorn238781 earth pony280338 pegasus322496 pony1083914 unicorn356474 2017427 absurd resolution67714 alcohol7676 barrel1684 drunk5089 drunk aj333 drunk rarity191 drunker dash417 drunkie pie288 i can't believe it's not idw407 mane six32975 twilight sparkle (alicorn)127881


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With twilight wondering of her alicorn powers after a party that led to applejack, rainbow dash, rarity and pinkie pie all had passed out.
Background Pony #41EC
Twilight notice that they walked across the desert in the movie and they want more cider
Background Pony #86FB
i think why fluttershy a not drink is for she will be drunk with only one strong alcohol cider! and she a not like what she get to the morning! think of the face of her friends learn twilight is immute to alcohol? i tnink is a good for twilight be immute to alcohol , with all the power she got , is will be very dangereuse for other if she lose control by be drunk! like ponyvilly be destroy by a drunk alicorn! is will be bad for her! ….oh? if alicorn are immute to alcohol is mean celestia a try drunk her self the day she seal her sister but never be drunk! man is sad for them for not be pass thier sadness in alcohol! like captien america! or the flash! both can drink and drink and not be drunk! give them the most strong alcohol and not be drunk!
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Fleur's biggest fan
Fluttershy didn’t drink because she’s on an SSRI for anxiety, and that p[lays badly with alcohol.
At least that’s my theory (based on the fact that I have specifically been told to avoid alcohol while on an SSRI myself)

Shyabetes sufferer
(P.S. I’m surprised that Fluttershy is still awake just as much as Princess Twilight is…)
That might be for the fact that Fluttershy didn’t drink alcohol with them, those 3 teacups on her table is the hint.
Also, she might be sighing over how her friends is a bunch of drunkard.

At first I thought that Andy Price drew this, but then I looked again.  
Still, love the comical IDW style though. 😏  
(P.S. I’m surprised that Fluttershy is still awake just as much as Princess Twilight is…)
Background Pony #D90A
I guess she’s going to have to drink something stronger from now on. Like methanol.
Also, I’m curious to see the “waking up with a hangover” stage of this little party, and whether Twilight and Fluttershy have the strength to resist having a little fun (no, not that kind of fun, I mean silly, practical joke type stuff) with their passed out companions.