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safe1615257 artist:farewelldecency0 applejack162546 bright mac1184 flash sentry12155 fluttershy202949 gaffer81 king sombra13141 pear butter2575 princess celestia91164 rarity173746 soarin'13488 sunset shimmer58888 tree hugger2659 trenderhoof838 twilight sparkle288263 zephyr breeze2143 alicorn205985 pony882936 the perfect pear1348 alternate hairstyle25681 applejack's parents315 bisexual5162 brightbutter734 celestibra349 dungeons and dragons1203 female1285852 flashimmer1871 flashlight2600 flashlightshimmer66 flutterhugger155 gaffity0 gay25564 good king sombra535 lesbian91838 male343704 polyamory6424 shipping188281 simple background361036 soarinjack218 straight127792 sunsetsparkle4156 trenderbreeze5 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118360 white background90284