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suggestive132378 artist:zutheskunk189 spike75645 twilight sparkle287932 dragon50750 pony880903 unicorn284286 absurd resolution64226 accidental innuendo38 amiga14 amiga ball1 ball2960 coffee3650 dialogue60837 duo52648 female1283832 funny3888 innocent innuendo68 innuendo1309 luxo's ball9 mare438558 pixar273 sexually oblivious122 simple background360196 spit take425 unicorn twilight14300 vector72442 white background90096


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Background Pony #BA87
I remember something similar happening with my mom. I was only like, 10 years old. Maybe 11 or 12 even I'm not sure. But I didn't know what tiddies were and my mom couldn't remember what this dog's name was we met at the park, and I thought it was tiddy. She about slapped me. I had to go to the library the next day to get on the internet and look up what a tiddy was.
Beau Skunky
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Thicc smexy skunku
lol oh Zu…

Y'know, sense we're both basically the only bronies around with the word "skunk" in our names, I wonder if anyone here ever confuses me for him. (My SN comes from an old Star Fox 64 fan-character/persona I had on SF64 message boards as a kid.)