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with DJ-Chopin's help
suggestive141037 artist:icy-enhjorning24 applejack168605 fluttershy211065 pinkie pie214762 rainbow dash232262 rarity180466 spike78359 twilight sparkle298603 zecora9294 dragon55348 zebra17494 anthro256855 plantigrade anthro32006 3d74531 armpits42763 barefoot27180 beach14630 bikini17840 breasts274008 busty applejack10341 busty fluttershy16967 busty pinkie pie10738 busty rainbow dash8075 busty rarity12656 busty twilight sparkle11875 busty zecora1182 clothes453932 feet39231 mane seven6467 mane six31695 palm tree1436 pink1093 rain6032 surfboard731 swimsuit27822 tree31801


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Background Pony #2023
I'm more distracted by the fact that I'm pretty sure that anthro Spike model is meant to be an adult Spike, with clear inspiration from Pia-Sama's Spike, but here is scaled down to kid size.

Then again, maybe you just can't win either way unless a new model is made.