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Here's my G3 Painting for June!This was inspired by the G3 Butterfly Island Luau game that used to be on the MLP website. One of the quests is to use Baby Honolu-Loo and go snorkeling to pick up the flowers.PS. This game is still out there, here's a webpage where somebody saved it: cyputnam.com/img/media/butterf…And you know, this idea has probably been thought up before, but notice how Honolu-Loo's leg (in her toy form) has fancy markings like Starcatcher does? Could she be… Starcatcher's daughter and/or the heir as leader of the Pegasi? Hmmm… [insert Moana crossover here]So when I had this idea in mind, I kind of forgot something… I can't draw water. I was looking at a ref and everything, noting how there's dark patches with highlights in between, and it still doesn't really look right. Hopefully the scenery distracts from that.Also those bubbles were my own brush that I made so if anyone else wants the brush I can put it up for download.
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