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I've quickly become a fan of Sleeping With Sirens over the past month or so, and I had the brilliant idea of ponifying the lead singer, Kellin Quinn, into a siren, or in this case, a siren who mimics a unicorn on a day to day basis. You wouldn't suspect much aside from his different shaped pupils and fangs, but that necklace holds the power to keep his form change. Aside from pony form and true form siren, he also has a half-siren pony hybrid form.

He doesn't try to be evil, but as they say, it is a trap, after all, in multiple meanings of the word. Just don't get distracted when he sings. Also don't touch the necklace, that'll just end bad for both of you.

The cutie mark is based off SWS album cover With Ears To See, And Eyes To Hear the necklace is based off a real SWS necklace that in and of itself is based off a different SWS album cover Feel. His shirt is a Bring Me The Horizon shirt basically like this one just more brown. His other form has this color pattern on it instead of a plain color to look like this design.

Whew, lots of stuff. Also as a vaguely related note, I listened to Bring Me The Horizon Live at the Royal Albert Hall as I was working on these, both days, just in loop over and over. It's really damn amazing. Coincidentally, I started listening to both SWS and BMTH at the exact same time, so my mind likes to mentally connect them for some reason, so thus, that's why he's wearing this shirt.

Also it took me several hours, a night's worth of sleep, and tons of stress over getting his mane perfect. It looks simple, but looks can be deceiving. Also his muzzle is a custom shape, top part is based off basic mare muzzle, bottom part is my usual Saffron Masala muzzle, so he looks more feminine without being entirely as such.

Half-Siren form
safe1659215 artist:lightningbolt879 derpibooru exclusive27070 pony923263 unicorn304185 .svg available8102 bring me the horizon402 bucking938 clothes442505 disguised siren612 emo762 fangs24008 hair over one eye8689 happy29984 horn59443 jewelry59001 kellin quinn366 male357469 messy mane7535 messy tail231 necklace17381 ponified39925 shirt23619 shoes34392 simple background377781 sleeping with sirens363 slit eyes4357 smiling235939 socks63809 solo1033611 stallion102798 svg3533 t-shirt4184 transparent background195464 trap4368 vector75079


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