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suggestive141230 artist:sundown1534 fluttershy211268 human153305 armpits42780 belly button76809 big breasts80883 breasts274483 busty fluttershy17005 chubby13058 female1350288 huge breasts37849 humanized99414 looking at you166091 midriff19201 plump7132 smiling244267 solo1054775 solo female178310 sweat25986 umbrella2614 winged humanization8634 wings104573


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You know, given his recent work, this is… one of the more realistic poses and postures. Chubby enough to even have it show a little on her face, the breast-size is the only thing one can grasp when it comes to being "unrealistic". Even then, the top seems a bit small on her… Nice touch having it pushing her skin inward on her torso. Less a "her spine is BROKEN!" and more "Extra T H I C C!!!"