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This is a vector mashup that I made as cover art for Luna the Matchmaker. As always, this is vector compilation I didn't draw any of this. Scanner still brokenMy Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and all related characters are © HasbroUPDATE 2-20-2012: I've been promising to update this image for a while now, so here you go boys and girls. Yes, I have contacted all the vector artists to secure their permission. With any luck, none of them will mind.Vectors used:Luna: [link] Permission received.Celestia: [link] Permission received.Twilight: [link] Permission received.Applejack: [link] Permission received.Caramel: [link] Permission received. Big Macintosh: [link] Permission received.Fluttershy: [link] Permission received.Rarity: [link] Permission received.Spike: [link] Permission received.Pinkie Pie: [link] Permission received.Braeburn: [link] Permission received.Rainbow Dash: [link] Permission received.Soarin: [link] Permission received.Ditzy Doo/Derpy: [link] Permission received.The Doctor: [link] Permission received.Lyra: [link]Bonbon: [link] Permission received.CMC: [link] Permission received.
safe1558999 artist:alx7v3 artist:atoklanzeros3 artist:bronyvectors29 artist:cthulhuandyou37 artist:dlazerous47 artist:extreme-sonic.5 artist:gratlofatic67 artist:gyrotech658 artist:kooner-cz277 artist:misterlolrus31 artist:moongazeponies264 artist:nickman98336 artist:ocarina0ftimelord164 artist:punchingshark48 artist:shelltoon339 artist:shelmo6989 artist:triox40417 edit114935 vector edit2147 apple bloom46229 applejack157463 big macintosh26697 bon bon15498 braeburn6084 caramel2342 derpy hooves47995 doctor whooves10028 fluttershy196062 lyra heartstrings27535 pinkie pie201671 princess celestia89191 princess luna93313 rainbow dash217544 rarity168283 scootaloo48887 soarin'13266 spike74310 sweetie belle46329 sweetie drops15498 time turner10013 twilight sparkle280268 dragon46804 pony829844 braepie38 carajack380 cutie mark crusaders17549 doctorderpy1397 female882854 fluttermac2622 lesbian91485 lyrabon3052 male300011 mane seven5852 mane six29085 s1 luna6753 shipping181920 simple background339177 soarindash4554 sparity6253 spread wings47006 straight120380 transparent background176781 twiluna1589 vector70657 wings72703


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I need to finish reading these stories…..thought that means I will have to start all over at the beginning again, ah well I just finished The Chase I got the time.
Duck - Starlight Glimmer's number one fan.

@Background Pony #FC1B
Well… that certainly clears that up.

Ещё можете на иконку "Duck", рядом с моим ником навести курсор. Это окончательно всё расставит все точки над "i" и все двоеточия над "ё"…
Duck - Starlight Glimmer's number one fan.

@Background Pony #BEA1

What psychotic horse?

Та самая которая уже три сезона(начиная с пятого сезона) в каждой бочке затычка("в каждой бочке затычка" это такой термин, его не надо понимать буквально).
Background Pony #6E8C
@Background Pony #2467
All of them make sense to me, there's nothing silly about these ships.
One thing that was bad is that Celestia is alone, but later stories she's with someone.

Also, mind that this is from 2011 when a lot was still unknown about background ponies.

What psychotic horse?