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How would you like to have Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack as your pit crew.


not provided yet


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Background Pony #E208
Blazing Speed is all it takes!

-Scootaloo as she and her race car compete in the Piston Cup races.
Background Pony #DF9A
Faux Wheel Drive Team 54 Pit Crew List.
Nature Cat — Tire changer
Hal, and Squeeks — Fuel doctors
Daisy — Useful toolbox used for the drill gun, and the windshield hose.
Johny Blamer — Crew chief
Background Pony #13CD
Second half of the year specifically. That sponsorship didn't come along until May.

Petty's Hot Wheels car was great looking. Must of let Dash tune it when he almost won Dover in the fall of 1997.
Background Pony #ABB4
Man I really loved those Pontiacs back when they were racing. I always thought they were so sleek looking on the racetrack. Just something about the way they looked appealed to me. It's too bad them and Dodge left, they both had good looking cars. I always wonder what they would look like with the current Gen 6 car bodies today.