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Holy yikes, you guys! It’s been a LONG time since I done did the pony drawings and such. Thank you very much to YangIsCool for suggesting this pic! Hope you like it! - I’m, like, 2 seasons behind on the show, so sorry if any of these characters have undergone radical transformations (princessization?!) that I don’t know about. I’ll try to catch up ASAP! No spoilers! Also, y’aaaaallllll I can’t design pony outfits to save my life. I’m sorry. xP
Anywho, I guess I’ll be tentatively reopening requests, but just be forewarned - they’ll probably take a while, cuz I’m supes busy. With what, you ask? Why with my webcomic from way back when. You remember All Your Base? Well, it's back! And with a Patreon to boot! We just opened up shop! Be sure to swing by and say hi!
Until then… showers everyone with hugs
safe1944763 artist:doggonepony186 applejack186281 rainbow dash257075 rarity201111 earth pony350106 pegasus394423 pony1294359 unicorn433142 alternate hairstyle32915 and then there's rarity215 applejack also dresses in style216 clothes549130 darling666 eyes closed117935 female1578098 forced makeover87 hat106199 laughing9544 magic85091 makeover459 mare603342 mouth hold20816 open mouth192893 scissors1248 simple background489940 white background126504


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