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suggestive139747 artist:neko-me884 pipsqueak2829 princess celestia93894 princess luna98043 bat pony48283 pony941543 series:five things you didn't know29 absurd resolution65507 abuse7553 casket78 comic107267 dead4098 death5258 dock48503 funeral208 harem896 licking19773 lunapip251 male363441 mood whiplash133 paper3163 pink-mane celestia2535 prone25027 quill2664 s1 luna7198 shipping196598 sign3931 smiling240969 stallion105142 straight133646 superman629 tongue out101174 trolluna163 younger17006


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Background Pony #241D
Oh, come on, Tia. Let your sister have a harem of, like… at least ten stallions. I don't think that's unreasonable.
Background Pony #52BB
Well since the solar system is destined to be destroyed by the eventual heat death of the sun, we at least know what will come last