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When Saffron was invited to join Fancy Pants and his wife, Fleur-de-Lis, at their table she was understandably nervous. One of the most influential and highest standing of the Canterlot Elite had expressed interest in her. After an hour of conversation and drinks, Saffron was more at ease and the conversation turned more intimate. Masala found herself expressing great interest in Fleur's love of erotic wrestling.

When Fancy Pants invited Saffron to his manner she nodded enthusiastically. Perhaps it was the drink, or maybe her arousal at Fleur describing her nearly nude grappling with mares, but Saffron found herself eager to partake.


Saffron Masala was a little surprised to see Hoity Toity and Photo Finish had joined Fancy Pants awaiting her and Fleur. She was now a little self-concious about her exposed breasts.

"Fancy she is exquisite!" Hoity Toity exclaimed. His cock was extending from its sheath, his loose robe providing little in the way of modesty.

Photo Finish took a deep swig from a wine glass, appraising the exotic mare before her. She piled her robe apart so both her breasts were now exposed.

"Only the best ole chap!" Fancy replied, his cock nearing full erection.

Before Saffron could get too nervous her chin was lead by Fleur's soft hand to meet the other mare's eyes. Saffron smiles with newfound confidence at Fleur's reassuring gesture.

Fancy rang the bell to start the match before either mare could part.

Fleur-de-Lis looked startled by her husband's sudden starting of the match. This left her open to the very eager Saffron.

Saffron brought her knee into Fleur's exposed tummy, earning a grunt from the mare. She grappled with the flstfooted mare until she had Fleur-de-Lis in a headlock.

Fleur grunted and growled as she struggles against Saffron's hold on her. She swore that her husband did this on purpose, just to give the exotic mare an edge against the seasoned murderess. Fleur slapped Saffron's inner thigh and grabbed her exposed boobs, attempting to force the mare to loosen her hold.

Saffron moaned as her breasts were roughly fondled. She could feel the growing heat in her crotch as she became aroused by the whole situation. Masala was dimly aware of their audience masturbating to the match. She loosened her hold on Fleur to rub the other mare's cunt through her panties.

Fleur moaned as Saffron played with her cunt. But the moment she was waiting for was now. With Saffron's headlock loosened she was able to break free and toss the mare.

Saffron let out a squeal as she was hurled onto her back. She let out a grunt as the wind was driven from her lungs. She still had enough sense to kick at Fleur as the mare approached her. Her hoof connected with Fleur's knee causing the mare to drop to the other knee in pain.

Fleur smirked at how much of a fight thus clueless unicorn was putting up. She was having difficulties maneuvering the spicy mare into a finishing position. Ignoring the pain in her knee Fleur-de-Lis did leg sweep that knocked the recovering Saffron off her hooves.

Saffron landed badly from the leg sweep. Her head banged hard on the hardwood floor. This dazes her enough that her vision swam. Still she struggled back to her knees and was getting back to her hooves when Fleur-de-Lis slipped behind her. Saffron felt Fleur's soft hands as they gripped her chin and temple in a solid hold. Saffron's eyes widened as she knew only one reason for such a hold.



"AAAYYYAAAAHHHNNN!" Saffron's head was whipped violently sideways as Fleur-de-Lis broke her neck. Her mouth dropped open and her long tongue flopped loose from the motion. Her thighs were spread wide from her attempt to get back o her hooves. A damp spot formed on her panties and a wild spray of urine issued from her. Saffron was humiliated at her indecent act of pissing herself. These were her last thoughts as she faded into oblivion.

Fleur-de-Lis let Saffron Masala's exotic corpse fall back against her, errant twitches coursing through the mare's body. She caressed the dying mare almost lovingly as her husband and associates came. The loud shouts and moans of two ejaculating stallions and one mare brought a smile to Fleur's lips as she leaned in to kiss the dead mare.

Tonight called for an exotic and spicy dish.
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7 comments posted

i like to imagine it as literally having her as a meal. no sense letting such an exotic dish go to waste. that, and it helps further demonstrate their status as villains, since they are herbivores in canon, and would be eating a meal that physically cannot nourish them, something fitting for such a sadistic couple

because it's one thing to cannibalize when your species can eat meat, whether it needs to or not. but when herbivores do it, you know they're specifically doing it to further desecrate the dead.

and if there is one thing i love in a story with clear villains, its when they get away with doing something that has no benefit for them specifically to kick an innocent while they are down. and considering she didnt know it was a death fight, this is indeed one of the more satisfying ones ive seen.

though my favorite part was the false reassurance from fleur. that's the sign of a villain with experience. someone who can appear to be comforting for the sole purpose of making the betrayal hurt even more. my favorite kind of villain in fact.