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One of the Rarity’s special silly costume sets.
safe1692402 artist:tomatocoup340 rarity180614 spike78310 sweetie belle48755 twilight sparkle298427 alicorn221619 dragon55441 pony954476 unicorn317430 forever filly563 adorawat54 annoyed5426 book33138 clothes454512 colored pupils9602 costume27209 cute197765 dragon costume234 duo59885 female1350265 filly65678 kigurumi617 lidded eyes30189 mare474065 simple background388730 sitting62466 smiling244259 spike suit5 sweetie belle is not amused147 transparent background200320 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122834 unamused15990 wat19155


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Background Pony #8151
Sweetie: Wait shouldn't you be Twilight and I should be Spike?
Rarity: No! Nopony cosplays as my Spikey-Wikey but me!
Background Pony #672D
@Beau Skunky
Well lets just say that Twilight is more of the kid now than Spike.

They both act like kids but Twilight shows it more now these days…