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safe1726573 artist:silfoe1552 princess cadance32778 princess flurry heart7371 shining armor23379 alicorn228383 pony986859 unicorn332130 absurd resolution66511 black lipstick317 choker12447 clothes467016 commission70538 dyed mane329 ear piercing27021 eyebrow piercing887 family photo348 female1380942 fishnets5387 floppy ears53202 forced smile311 goth2212 grin39601 it's a phase44 jewelry65657 lipstick11373 male379957 mare490735 necklace19367 older27270 piercing42107 princess emo heart105 shiningcadance2703 shipping202798 smiling254191 stallion111959 straight138279 teenage flurry heart81 teenager4674


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@Background Pony #FF91
I think she's adorable. A little Hit Girl to be sort of pony.
Wouldn't that be a twist. The daughter of Canterlot's top guard and the princess of love secretly taking to the streets every night, using her youth and apparent innocence to fool criminals and cut a bloody swath through their seedy underworld.

I can see the tragic ending already… the kingdom finding out, her having to flee, her parents having to order her capture to uphold the law they represent (all the while dreading the possibility someone will), her knowing that her parents care (but that she can never return).

I like it.
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Honestly I don't buy that Flurry would ever become gothic given her parents and life place.