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Between two pony goddesses.
suggestive162245 artist:grissaecrim933 daybreaker3236 nightmare moon18088 starlight glimmer53108 alicorn257005 pony1226767 unicorn402394 a royal problem2264 blushing224431 butt143316 daybutt142 dock57595 eyes closed111036 faceful of ass1695 female1518245 lesbian104518 nightmare moonbutt498 plot100149 plot sandwich78 raised tail18792 royal sisters5255 simple background464205 stupid sexy daybreaker114 stupid sexy nightmare moon902 tail51745 trio13741


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Young Leosword
@Officer Hot-Pants  
Depends on whether the individual one asks believes ponies to be made of fur and flesh or to be made of taffy and Fruit-By-The-Foot. Shit, now I wanna go to the store down the road. XD