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safe1750811 artist:/d/non1193 oc712100 oc only465567 oc:starlight blossom149 pony1010767 satyr4930 unicorn342384 clothes476144 cute205731 female1402140 filly69639 happy32188 miniskirt5046 pleated skirt4077 satyrized151 simple background409222 skirt41091 skirt lift4817 solo1094521 white background102506


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Tentacle Filly 🐙
@Background Pony #B1A3

@Background Pony #8D02

Yeah, it was a commission. I have seen a lot of satyrs here on derpi recently and thought they are really cute, so I went ahead and got a satyrized version of my filly. (Also changed the mane to pigtails for this drawing, to make it even cuter.)

On that note: I can fully recommend /d/non, was very nice to talk to and extremely fast.
Background Pony #87D8
She's a cutie. Don't recall seeing this one posted in the satyr threads. Or any art of this particular satyr for that matter.